Introducing XCEM AlphaFloor

Introducing XCEM’s AlphaFloor, the only cost effective, solid concrete floor system available in the Australian Construction Industry. The solid 32 MPa concrete panel is durable, impact and abrasion resistant, non-combustible, and yet is supplied at a lower cost than fibre cement flooring.

AlphaFloor is Australian made and owned. The system provides the true feel of a solid concrete slab. Because AlphaFloor is 32MPa solid concrete, the panel requires no protection from water, rain or traffic, and is highly suitable for flood prone areas.

AlphaFloor is a 35mm thick, solid 32MPa concrete panel that is installed by hand. The panels are 600mm wide and available in lengths of 1350mm and 2700mm and join with tongue and groove connection. Panels are fixed to timber or steel floor joists with 10g screws (no pre-drilling needed).

Benefits of AlphaFloor

For the first time, homeowners can have a solid concrete floor at an affordable price point. Here are six of the top AlphaFloor benefits.

1. High-Performance Concrete at the Right Price

AlphaFloor is solid, high-strength (32MPa) concrete, yet is more affordable than inferior products such as fibre cement sheets and AAC panels. AlphaFloor is the only cost effective concrete slab substitute.

2. Solid Concrete Floor Feel and Sound

AlphaFloor feels and sounds like a concrete slab. It is a 35mm thick solid concrete panel with very high acoustic properties, impact and abrasion resistance.

3. Durability Provides Peace of Mind

  • AlphaFloor has been extensively tested for durability. The solid concrete panel provides both the builder and homeowner with peace of mind. Unlike alternative flooring materials AlphaFloor can be left exposed to the elements indefinitely.

  • AlphaFloor does not need to be kept dry, and does not need to be waterproofed within a set time period.

  • Moisture will not cause AlphaFloor to lift and the product does not require sanding prior to applying tiles or carpet.

  • AlphaFloor is solid concrete - Cut edges do not require coating or sealing as is typically required for substitute FC & AAC products.

4. Crystalline Silica Free

AlphaFloor contains no crystalline silica, eliminating the risk of developing silicosis through the inhalation of dust particles.

5. Fast Application

AlphaFloor has a smooth off-form concrete finish eliminating the requirement for additional finishings and increasing speed of construction, and can be directly tiled on.

6. Australian Made and Owned

AlphaFloor is 100% Australian made and owned, manufactured at XCEM's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility (ISO 9001 accredited) located in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales.

Floor System Comparison

AlphaFloor is superior to other products on the market, such as AAC panels, FC sheets and particle board. Below is a visual detailing a floor system comparison.

Cutting of AlphaFloor

AlphaFloor can be very easily cut on-site using a diamond tipped masonry or CFC blade. AlphaFloor products have been analysed and assessed by HIBBS & Associates (certified occupational hygienists) for traces of crystalline silica. The AlphaFloor does not contain any crystalline silica.

For more information, download the AlphaFloor Information Brochure here.

If you're interested or if you would like to learn more, email or call 1800 88 9236 to arrange a visit to XCEM’s Ultimo showroom.

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