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The premium lightweight concrete panel for internal and external wall system applications in multi-storey and low-rise residential, commercial and industrial construction.

AlphaPanel contains 0% crystalline silica.


AlphaPanel® has been designed and tested to meet all requirements of the National Construction Code and the relevant Australian Standards. AlphaPanel® is a non-combustible, high performing, lightweight, high strength, glass fibre reinforced precast concrete panel that is manufactured in New South Wales, Australia, by XCEM Pty Limited. XCEM's AlphaPanel is wholly Australian Made & Owned; XCEM is ISO 9001 accredited.


XCEM's AlphaPanel® is both the structural element and the finished element in AlphaPanel® wall systems, thereby reducing the requirement for stud work, plasterboard and completely eliminating the requirement for render externally.


The erected AlphaPanel® wall is strong, durable, impact resistant and provides a solid concrete wall feel. The finished AlphaPanel® wall provides a smooth and seamless concrete wall. AlphaPanel® can be used as external and internal walls in all building types, including:


  • External façades for high-rise buildings

  • Internal walls for high-rise buildings

  • External walls for detached residential houses and low-rise multi-residential buildings

  • Low-rise intertenancy and boundary walls

  • Basement walls in multi-storey buildings

  • External & Internal walls in light industrial construction



High Performance at the Right Price

AlphaPanel® is solid, high-strength glass fibre reinforced concrete, yet is more affordable than inferior products such as AAC panels, fibre cement sheets, and brick. AlphaPanel® is a true pre-cast concrete substitute at approximately 50% of the finished wall cost.

Crystalline Silica Free

AlphaPanel® contains no crystalline silica, eliminating risk of development of silicosis through inhalation of dust.

Pre-Finished Panel Surfaces - No Rendering Required

AlphaPanel® is pre-finished and is paint ready with no rendering required.

Increased NSA (Net Saleable Area) in Apartments

AlphaPanel® wall systems are the slimmest footprint intertenancy and corridor systems available in the market. Substitution of AAC or plasterboard wall systems with AlphaPanel® creates on average an additional 1.5 square meters per apartment in Net Saleable Area (NSA), providing significant value for all stakeholders.

Fast Installation

AlphaPanel® has a smooth off-form concrete finish (ready for paint), eliminating the requirement for plasterboard lining and render, dramatically increasing speed of construction, and reducing construction costs.

Less Maintenance

AlphaPanel® is lightweight, impact resistant, high strength concrete that is resistant to damage during and after construction. This removes patching requirements from impact from trolleys or tools and reduces ongoing maintenance costs.

Codemark Certified

AlphaPanel® is CodeMark Certified and fully compliant with all applicable NCC requirements and the relevant Australian Standards.

Australian Made and Owned

AlphaPanel® is 100% Australian Made & Owned. AlphaPanel® is manufactured at XCEM's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales.

Fast and Simple Cutting and Penetrations

No dust rooms are required for cutting of AlphaPanel when wet-cut using a diamond-tipped masonry saw with edges finished with a diamond-tipped reciprocating saw. Penetrations are quick and simple to cut in AlphaPanel.