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XCEM’s AlphaPanel Wall Systems

Updated: Apr 3

Say hello to XCEM's AlphaPanel

Designed for simplicity and installed for high performance, XCEM’s innovative AlphaPanel Wall System has been rapidly gaining traction amongst many notable builders, such as Meriton, Richard Crookes and Duffy Kennedy. Builders and developers are designing the 35mm precast AlphaPanel into their builds to be used in both internal and external wall applications, including intertenancy, corridor, service risers, external facades, balcony walls and basement walls. XCEM’s AlphaPanel has unparalleled features, such as;

  • Ease of Installation: The AlphaPanel is the only concrete panel that can be manhandled and does not require cranes for installation.

  • Completely NCC Compliant: Fire, acoustic, structural and thermal tested.

  • Pre-Finished: The panel is smooth monolithic concrete which is ready to paint.

  • Cost Effective: XCEM is between 20-50% cheaper than competing products on most applications.

  • Impact Resistant.

  • Increases Net Saleable Area: The AlphaPanel system is 20-35% slimmer than competing systems (intertenancy walls at 147mm and corridor walls at 88mm).

  • Increased Speed of Installation: Eliminates the need for plasterboard lining and render on the panel face, increasing the speed of construction.

  • Zero Crystalline Silica content

If you're interested or would like to learn more, email or call 1800 88 9236 to arrange a visit to XCEM’s Ultimo showroom to see the different display walls.

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