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AlphaFloor is the only cost effective, solid concrete floor system available in the Australian Construction Industry.

  • 32MPa solid concrete panel

  • Lower cost than fibre cement flooring

  • Strong, durable, impact and abrasion resistant

  • No need to protect from water, rain or traffic

  • Highly suitable for flood prone areas

  • Real solid concrete feel and sound

  • Non-combustible

  • Australian made and owned

  • ISO 9001 accredited

Benefits of AlphaFloor

High Performance Concrete at the Right Price

AlphaFloor is solid, high-strength (32MPa) concrete, yet is more affordable than inferior products such as fibre cement sheets and AAC panels. It is the ONLY cost effective concrete-slab substitute.

Durability Provides Peace of Mind

AlphaFloor has been extensively tested for durability. Unlike alternative flooring materials AlphaFloor can be left exposed to the elements indefinitely.


AlphaFloor has a smooth off-form concrete finish eliminating the requirement for additional finishings and increasing speed of construction. AlphaFloor can be directly tiled on.

Solid Concrete Floor Feel and Sound

AlphaFloor feels and sounds like a concrete slab. AlphaFloor is a 35mm thick solid concrete panel with very high acoustic properties, impact and abrasion resistance.

Crystalline Silica Free

AlphaFloor contains NO crystalline silica, eliminating risk of development of silicosis through inhalation of dust.

Australian Made & Owned

AlphaFloor is 100% Australian Made & Owned. AlphaFloor is manufactured at XCEM's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales.

Floor System Comparison

Presented below is a comparison of 35mm AlphaPanel with 75mm AAC Panels, FC Sheets & Particle Board.


AlphaFloor Componenets


Download the AlphaFloor Information Brochure