When used as external facade walls in Class 7b and Class 8 Buildings such as Industrial Complexes, the AlphaPanel provides a low-cost and fast to install replacement to concrete precast. AlphaPanel installation eliminates crane lifting requirements as well as the requirement for dummy piers to temporarily support precast. This leads to an overall cost saving on industrial developments and provides for increased speed of construction.


When used as internal walls to separate industrial units, AlphaPanel wall systems provide FRL up to 4hrs and are face-fixed to a structural steel frame, providing an impact resistant and fast to install intertenancy wall with pre-finished surfaces.

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AlphaPanels are lightweight, impact resistant concrete panel with pre-finished surfaces, making it ideal for used in a range of commercial and industrial applications including external walls, intertenancy walls, corridor walls and services walls.

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AlphaPanel Design Guide & Technical Manual

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